Yoga Journey


If you have been doing yoga and are looking to deepen your practice, our Yoga Journey Program offers courses throughout the year in a variety of areas such as: Health Benefits of Yoga, Meditation, and Understanding the Yoga Sutras to name a few. Courses are hands on as well as lecture format. You may accomplish a Journey as an Intensive Dedication to Practice or as an Ongoing Commitment.


CEUs available to registered yoga teachers (in compliance with the new Yoga Alliance rules).



• Yoga styles

• History of yoga

• Raja Yoga

• The Yamas and Niyamas

• Ayurveda for yoga, Ayurvedic meal preparation

• The Subtle Body: Doshas, Koshas, Pranas, Vayus, Chakras & Nadis

• Health Benefits of Yoga

• Surya Namaskar

• Meditation

• Pranayama

• Mantra, Japa & Mandalas

• Kirtan

• Seva