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Yoga Journey


If you have been doing yoga and are looking to deepen your practice, our Yoga Journey Program offers courses throughout the year in a variety of areas such as: Health Benefits of Yoga, Meditation, and Understanding the Yoga Sutras to name a few. Courses are hands on as well as lecture format. You may accomplish a Journey as an Intensive Dedication to Practice or as an Ongoing Commitment.


CEUs available to registered yoga teachers (in compliance with the new Yoga Alliance rules).



• Yoga styles

• History of yoga

• Raja Yoga

• The Yamas and Niyamas

• Ayurveda for yoga, Ayurvedic meal preparation

• The Subtle Body: Doshas, Koshas, Pranas, Vayus, Chakras & Nadis

• Health Benefits of Yoga

• Surya Namaskar

• Meditation

• Pranayama

• Mantra, Japa & Mandalas

• Kirtan

• Seva

Music Journey

Music and healing go hand in hand. Whether you are interested in experiential sound therapy or whether you would like to learn to play music, we offer private classes to meet your needs. 

Experience the power of music to heal through sound based relaxation and meditation tailored to your needs. 

If you are a musician, we can improve playing and reduce stress and performance anxiety through breath work and tailored relaxation techniques. Wind instrument players and singers will find their breathing capacity and control are increased using specific Pranayama techniques. 

We also offer private Celtic (or lever) harp lessons for learners at all levels and all ages. 

  • Stress reduction for musicians

  • Anxiety control

  • Repetitive injury protection

  • Harp lessons

  • Sound relaxation

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