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Yoga Therapy & Journey Workshops

Schedule & Fees

Yoga Journey schedules vary throughout the year. Please contact us for information about upcoming courses and fees. 


Private Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is used as a complement to other treatment modalities and has great success in treating a large variety of ailments and injuries. Typically, you will receive an initial consultation and be provided a personalized treatment plan. The plan is unique to you and can range from

2-3 sessions to a longer term arrangement lasting 4-8 months. Most clients enter a maintenance phase after treatment and only come in as needed. My goal is to provide you with the tools you need to stay healthy, maintain functionality, and be well grounded. 

A typical initial assessment session is 75 minutes and includes an in depth interview, assessment of range of motion, assessment of injury/ailment, some yoga postures and movements, and a brief relaxation segment. You will receive a written treatment proposal after the consult.


Private Sessions

75 Minute Initial Consultation: $125

1-60 Minute Session:   $100

3-60 Minute Sessions: $255

6-60 Minute Sessions: $450

Small Group Sessions (2-4 people)

1-60 Minute Session:   $50

3-60 Minute Sessions: $130

6-60 Minute Sessions: $225



Yoga & Meditation Courses

Offering special programs for musicians, golf players, softball/baseball players and dancers. Also offering special programs for anyone wanting to decrease stress and reduce anxiety or improve mental performance. We also offer gentle Yoga, meditation and breath work training for those going through cancer treatment. 



Vienna, Virginia Workshops


Yoga Basics Session                



Have you always wanted to do yoga, but been afraid you weren't flexible enough? Perhaps you’ve done yoga but weren't sure you were doing it correctly? Or perhaps you felt your body may not have been suited to yoga? Let me assure you nothing could be further from the truth. Yoga is for every body and for every stage of life. The benefits of doing yoga are vast: from reducing stress and lowering your blood pressure to helping to increase your creativity and so much more.


This course will teach you some of the basics of yoga and how to modify poses to protect yourself. We will cover poses, breath work, relaxation and touch on meditation. A brief background of yoga will also be given as will a discussion of verifiable health benefits. I will also cover some of the different styles of yoga you might encounter. In addition, each student will receive an individualized assessment to determine whether Yoga Therapy can improve your lifestyle. Come with questions and bring your mat!


This course is designed for all genders and abilities. Modifications will be provided. 

Bring a yoga mat and small blanket if you'd like.



Restoring Inner Peace                                                  



Life has become hectic and the world around us is troubled. It is more important than ever to take the time to restore your inner peace. You will learn how to restore proper breathing (the basis for good health), explore deep relaxation, and learn to quiet the mind. We will use techniques from the Himalayan tradition that have been time tested. These techniques have been shown to help alleviate symptoms of depression, reduce anxiety, reduce stress, and leave you with a feeling of well being. 


We will be doing some gentle movement, but most of our time will be in relaxation on the floor. If the floor is not accessible to you, a chair and modifications will be provided. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and small blanket.

Bring a yoga mat and something to sit on the floor comfortably as well as a small blanket or shawl.

CEUs Available



Somerset Folk Harp Festival                                    All courses are included in Festival Registration

July, 2020

Shyamali Hauth will present workshops at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival  for the 4th year!!                                                                                               

Sunrise Yoga                                                                                                  Friday & Saturday 8:00 am - 9:00 am          

Start your day with yoga! Breathe and Relax! Get your body ready for a day at the harp with gentle stretches, breath work and invigorating Sun Salutations. We will finish our Yoga session with a wonderful End Relaxation that is not to be missed. Bring your mat (or even a large towel). This class is for every body—modifications and chairs provided!


Private Yoga Therapy Sessions                                                                      Festival pricing: $75/hour or $40/30-minutes

Schedule your private Yoga Therapy session during your time at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival. Whether you want help with an injury or recurring pain, or want to improve your performance and playing, yoga therapy is the key to your success. Sessions can be scheduled directly with Shyamali via email at



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