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The Mahari Yoga Teacher CEU Program includes workshops and training in the following topics:


Yoga Techniques, Training and Practice

• Asanas, adjustments, modifications and instructions

• Meditation

• Pranayama

• Mantra, Japa & Mandalas

• Kriyas

• Kirtan


Teaching Methodology 

• Classroom management

• Business of Yoga

• Ethics for teachers and studios

• Communication Skills

• Lesson Plans


Anatomy and Physiology 

• Applied anatomy and physiology

• The Subtle Body: Doshas, Koshas, Pranas, Vayus, Chakras & Nadis

• Health Benefits of Yoga


Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle 

• The Yoga Texts:

• Raja Yoga

• The Yamas and Niyamas

• Ayurveda for yoga, Ayurvedic meal preparation

• Seva



• Student Teaching Practicum: Instruction time as Lead Instructor

• Feedback and self-critique

• Yoga Studio visits

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