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Workshop & Class Schedule



COVID-19 Update: All classes and workshops are on hold until it is safe for all participants. Somerset Folk Harp Festival classes will be conducted virtually.

Washington D.C. Metro West (Vienna & Reston, Virginia)

Yoga & Meditation for Wellness                                                         

Instructor: Shyamali Roy Hauth                                                          Coming soon

This course is designed to help reduce anxiety, decrease stress and combat the effects of depression. We know that stress is

the underlying cause of many illnesses. Stress increases inflammation in the body and keeps our body in a constant state of anxiety. In this course you will learn techniques for reducing and eliminating the negative effects of stress. We will start with improving our breathing and our ability to relax. From here, we will explore where we are holding stress in our bodies and find ways to release tension.   This class is appropriate for all levels.  



New Jersey

Somerset Folk Harp Festival

Yoga classes and workshops offered for Somerset Folk Harp Festival attendees.


Sunrise Yoga                                                                       

Instructor: Shyamali Roy Hauth                                                         July 2020


Start your day with Yoga! Breathe and Relax! Get your body ready for a full day at the harp with gentle stretches, breath work, an invigorating Sun Salutations. We will finish our Yoga sessions with a wonderful Relaxation that is not to be missed. Bring your mat (or even a large towel). This class is for every body--modifications and chairs provided!



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